Where are you on the Norwood Hamilton Scale? Ask Dr. Harold Siegel, Hair Transplant Surgeon

Where are you on the Norwood Hamilton Scale? If you would like to know if you are at a stage on the Norwood Hamilton Scale just call Dr. Harold Siegel to set a time for a hair restoration consultation where you can learn all about hair transplant costs, hair transplant procedures and what you can expect when you choose to proceed with a new you!

Norwood Scale Phases and Hair Decline Treatment method

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Hair reduction is A significant dilemma, which impacts an incredible number of persons throughout the globe. There isn't a just one is undoubtedly an exception and every human being has undergone the duration of hair reduction at least at the time through their lifetime. Hair reduction could be critical and even it may possibly produce larger sized and wider hairless spaces on our head. These kinds of male pattern baldness are influencing a wide variety of men and women.
The Norwood-Hamilton Scale also known just as being the Norwood Scale really helps to categorize hair loss into a variety of concentrations. The levels from the Norwood Scale along with the involved treatment alternatives are as follows.

Stage 1

This can be characterized by nominal hair decline along with the frontal hairline, specifically in the forehead and about the temple.
A clever choice of the shampoo and conditioner is crucial as well as a Hair Transplant Method is a choice at this point. It’s also advised to discontinue using almost every other hair solutions for instance hair gels, wax, coloring, etc.

Stage two

Sage two is characterized by the hair decline about the frontal line along with the temporal areas have a triangular condition. Deepening of such places can have a symmetrical or not symmetrical sort of triangle. In this particular stage, deepening or baldness addresses an area of not in excess of 2 cm from the entrance hairline. On the other hand, the hair economic downturn leads to much less hair while in the parietal area. In addition, You will find there's very clear differentiation between the density of hair about the frontal and over the temporal region.

This issue needs to be monitored and examined by a dermatologist. Usually do not endeavor to be your personal health practitioner. Shampoos with Minoxidil and Finasteride are really helpful. When picking prescription drugs you should definitely choose some thing FDA accredited to limit Unintended effects and secure your health and fitness. A Hair Transplant Procedure is also executed.

Stage 3

Here is the best degree of hair reduction while in the alopecia region. One can observe deep frontal and temporal receding hairline and they're commonly symmetrical and sparsely included with hair. At this stage the deepening with the hair decline addresses over the two cm within the hairline. Moreover, This is actually the initial phase to show a big level of hair decline that naturally requirements professional medical treatment method.

Medications or simply a Hair Transplant Process is usually alternatives at this time. here Remedies are aimed toward halting ongoing hair loss and regrowing hair at the same time. The encouraged medication mix at this stage is Minoxidil with Retin A which has a synergic effect on the Minoxidil and boosts the performance.

Phase 4

The frontal and frontotemporal hair loss is much more intense than within click here the previous phases. Additionally, the parietal or the best most regions of the head present a partial or comprehensive hair decline at this time. What's more, the hair on either side of The pinnacle ordinarily separates the frontal space and the crown show in depth hair decline.

This phase medication is Generally a mix of Minoxidil and Retin. If These are not ample, the addition of Antiandrogens, Folligen, and Lamin Gel can be prescribed. A Hair Transplant Technique can be a viable possibility.

Stage five

Crown spot has an extremely slender separation through the frontotemporal region. In the meantime, the balding procedure handles a big area, causing a horseshoe condition as an alternative to the triangular form described on over stages.
At this time, the hair decline is significant and therefore The mixture drugs is usually successful. However, if there is absolutely no advancement your health practitioner may well propose a mix of Proscar and Spironolactone or a Hair Transplant Method.

Stage 6

Hair separation among the crowns plus the frontotemporal area is long gone. The frontotemporal area merges While using the crown space and shows the most important alopecia location.

The hair decline at this time is comprehensive, for this reason, prescription drugs will likely have a minimal influence. The choice of therapy at this stage are Small Stage Laser Therapy or possibly a Hair Transplant Treatment.

Stage seven

Quite possibly the most critical kind of male pattern baldness. During this stage You can find overall hair loss starting from the forehead and ending Along with the again of The top. Hair remains only on the aspect surfaces of The pinnacle (near the ears) and the decreased borders goes near the neck for that occipital location.

The hair loss may lead to complete hair reduction. A Hair Transplant Procedure is the one possibility at this point.

* This information is for informational reasons only. You'll want to seek advice from with the physician ahead of starting any treatment plans or having medications.

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